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 Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill 
(1907 - 1994)

"The man who stands before God will never kneel before men".




The Word of God says:

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.
 But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven".
(Matt 10:32,33)

See article: 'Muzzled by Fear'


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A biblical injunction to support one another is easy to affirm verbally; but so often challenging to put into practice.
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An invitation to a day conference/workshop event aimed at enhancing the ability to propagate the Gospel and network the Christian community using film/video and other modern media.
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Wrecking Ball
The Dilemma for Democracy
The Political Pendulum and the Wrecking Ball More ...
A Most Annoying Shofar; a short story
Howard Bass, a pastor in Be'er Sheva asked those in his company what they felt the Lord was saying to the churches. He received the following reply from Hannah Weiss in the form of a short story. More ...
Hannah Weiss
Sadiq Khan
Mayor questioned on street preacher arrest
The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been questioned about the arrest and de-arrest of a Christian street preacher and freedom of speech. More ...
Report from Day of Prayer
A 'Day of Prayer for our Nation(s)' was held in Perth on Saturday, 2 March 2019. The report is now available. More ...
The Editor
Only revival will do!
The UK is in turmoil; and not just over Brexit. Only a move of God bringing repentance will turn the tide. More ...
EU in or out
'In or out?' is the wrong question.
Even mature Christians are arguing the case on entirely the wrong grounds. More ...
Muslim Christian and Police
Government and Police bias against Christians
Actions by the government and the police in the UK at both institutional and 'street' level illustrate double standards regarding Islam and Christianity. More ...
Church and nation
To the church and the nation of Britain
A word given by the late Stewart Dool of Intercessors for Britain during July 2007 More ...
The Editor
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